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November 2016



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Nov. 1st, 2016


Planning the Day.

There was no nap yesterday.  My sister called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her.  I didn't feel like it, but said yes because I thought it'd probably be a good idea to get dressed and out.  We mainly looked at Christmas stuff.  She was still in the hospital (previously mentioned accident) last Christmas so she's obsessed with having the perfect one this year and is getting a head start.  I am trying to have a good attitude about the upcoming holidays.

I beat the husband home and got to work on all the food.  When it was all cooked and laid out, it was clear that there was way too much for two people.  He brought the leftovers to work today since we didn't want a bunch of junk food laying around.  Whenever we have too much of something (typically baked goods), it goes to his break room.  Halloween was uneventful.  Our apartment doesn't get trick-or-treaters.  We decided to play our Forsaken characters first this year.  The movies didn't happen.  I was falling asleep and he had to remote into work early into the night.

Despite a certain furry monster who decided that I needed to wake up every few hours, I slept really well and didn't have any nightmares (a near nightly occurrence lately). Today I am rested and ready to tackle the apartment.  I will then immediately ruin the kitchen again with food prep.  Being sick last week had me dipping into freezer meals so there are two cabbages, a spaghetti squash, three zucchini, and a package of green peppers that are about to go bad.  They'll be used to make more freezer meals.  I like having a stock of them in the deep-freeze in case of illness, injury, or busy days.

When the husband gets home, we'll probably either go to the gym or walking in the park depending on the weather.  I'm looking forward to getting home, taking a hot shower, making some coffee, and settling in to work on NaNoWriMo.

Tomorrow, I'll mostly be working on setting up a website, facebook, and twitter for a new bakery that's opening in a couple months.  I don't really have a job, but I do some freelancing and short-term contract work through a place here called The Creative Group.  It's basically a temp agency for designers and artists in the city.

Oct. 31st, 2016


Lazy fall day

Back when I worked in an office, I had a three hour bus/train commute home, about an hour and 15min of which was spent outside in places with no heat and very few overhead structures.  It's been a couple years since I've made that trip, but the last year had been the most memorable.  It was around 45°F that Halloween, and the following seasons broke records for the amount of rain and snow.  Every subsequent year, the weather has gotten a little nicer.  Today it's hovering just over 70°F, and I find that very annoying.

One of the things I was looking forward to when I left was being able to enjoy gloomy weather from the comfort of my cozy hermit's nest, but each season has been mild.  There was a solid week of rain and snow last year, but it happened when I was escorting my mother to and from the hospital (my sister had an accident and was in there for a few months) daily via public transport.  She was afraid to drive in the city and also scared to take transit alone.  Trying to calm a 60 year old woman down while she's having a full on child's temper tantrum because it's freezing and the train won't open its doors early kind of takes away from the winter charm.   The almanac says this winter will be worse so I'm holding out hope.

I feel guilty wishing bad weather on those still taking the metro, but it's not like my feelings will somehow alter the course of nature.

It's quite peaceful here today.  I'm finding myself feeling very lazy, possibly due to a lingering headache.  The husband is encouraging me to rest, but we ended up running around on a bunch more errands than we intended yesterday and all cleaning motivation was halted.  I'm considering taking a nap and seeing if that helps.  If not, I'm going to blame the holiday, accept the day's failure, and force myself to get it together tomorrow.  At any rate, tonight should be a lot of fun.

Oct. 30th, 2016


Mundane daily-life stuff.

The place is a disaster which is rare given that it's a one room apartment and I'm always home.  Usually, it only gets a little messy over the weekend when my husband is home.  We're both kind of slobs and I don't do any cleaning (except for litter box scooping) for those two days.  That leaves two days worth of dishes, a few beer bottles and cups littered around the apartment, full trash/recycling, the last of the week's laundry, and whatever items we've not put away.  Sloppy, but easily taken care of on Monday.  But I spent most of last week sick on the couch and it so happened to be a week when the husband was on call.  Nothing got done.  Plus, there are all these boxes because we had been saving for a few large house items (printer, new office chairs, a shelf, and a lack table) and picked them up last Sunday.  The packaging is everywhere.

I'm getting a head-start on it today.  Got rid of all the Kleenex, put in a load of dishes, and started on the laundry.  We've got to do some shopping today, but the husband won't be up for another few hours.  Yesterday, he cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  This is his major household chore.  He gets some weird satisfaction out of cleaning bathrooms.  Since bleach always gives me a headache, he dropped me off at the mall to kill time.  The mall always makes me feel fat, old, and greedy.  I spent the day fantasizing about getting rid of all of my thrift store clothes (not that I don't like them) and replacing them with nice, new things.  But, I don't need them. In fact, I need to get rid of all the excess junk that somehow manifests itself in the apartment throughout the years.

Today we're getting ready for our yearly Halloween ritual.  The afternoon is filled with movies, more seasonal than scary.  I'm thinking the Evil Dead trilogy this year.  Then we start Forsaken characters on World of Warcraft while listening to Halloween music and eating various junky finger foods.  We're buying the snacks today.  That means a trip to the dollar store, the little store that sells discontinued and close to expired foods, and the fancy store that sells coffee flavored soda.  I also need to get some normal groceries at Aldi.  I'll probably go ahead and finish all the laundry and dishes when we get back.  Kitchen scrubbing and picking up can wait for tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, I made my first meatloaf last night.  The husband requested it and the mac & cheese I used to make when I'd stay over at his old place.  It came out pretty good and I'm weirdly proud about it.  Cooking is something that I used to love, but it became kind of a chore when I was working and I lose all interest.  Since then, dinners have pretty much all been chicken and frozen vegetables mixed together with homemade sautés/spice mixes.  They are tasty, varied, and cheap.  It's a great system, but there's not much excitement involved in the process.  I've decided that I'm going to try one new recipe a week and see how that goes.

Oct. 29th, 2016


That went well.

We got to the hospital yesterday about 20 minutes before my dad's test ended.  I wanted to be there in case the news was bad.  I had three night's worth of clothes and stuff packed and ready in the trunk.  Thankfully, it was for nothing.  I feel a little silly, but the last couple times he was admitted like this, he's ended up needing some kind of surgery.  Though his results weren't great, they're not much worse than usual.  They set up a bunch of appointments and we ended up only staying in the hospital for a couple hours.

The rest of the day ended up being pretty great.  We all went out to lunch at this Mediterranean place that they'd all been telling me about.  I had the worst falafel ever made, but it didn't matter because the restaurant was next to my favorite bakery.  Orange cranberry cookies and dark coffee are what dreams and happiness are made of.  We stopped by the game store in town and look around for a bit.  I haven't really found a game shop in St Louis that I like as much.  I think it's because there are so many of them that they all sort of specialize in one or two things whereas a small town shop has to stock everything for everyone.  We spent most of the day just hanging out with my parents after that.

We got home late and ended up just ordering pizza and watching The Wedding Singer.  The day wasn't done getting better, though.  His mom called and apparently we're all going to the Supernatural convention in Nashville next February now.  She wants her picture with Dean and she got me a spot too.  There is no way that day could have gone better.  Should have bought a lotto ticket or something.  Dang.

Oct. 28th, 2016


Quite the start

I've been meaning to get back into LJ and make a journal about recovering and being positive for awhile now.  In typical fashion, I've chosen the worst timing for it.

It's 5am and I'm waiting for my husband to get up in a few hours so we can hop in the car and drive to Illinois.  My dad's in the hospital which isn't uncommon as he's struggled with heart problems for years now.  He's doing a stress test and I'm going down there to be my mom's hospital buddy.  I'm just hoping that my sister won't have the same idea.  Her and my mom together are a whirlwind of crazy at the best of times.  Even if that does happen, I'll have the husband there to keep me sane.

There is still positivity to be found, though. I think I'm a lot better equip to deal with the chaos now.  If this had happened a year ago, I'd have been a tight little ball of anxiety running on survival mode.  I am, of course, worried for my dad, but that's normal given the situation.  I feel like I can handle things and it's nice to actually feel that way.